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Venue and travel

The school will be hosted at the Building 2 of the Technology Park of Sardinia (Pula, Sardinia, Italy). In this page, you can find some useful info about the school venue and the interesting places to visit near Pula.

Reaching Sardinia by Air

The airport closest to Pula is the Cagliari International Airport (IATA: CAG). Here are some of the airlines that fly from/to Cagliari:

From the Cagliari airport to the city

The airport is only a 10-minute drive or a short train ride from the Cagliari city center. Train schedule and useful information can be found by visiting the Cagliari International Airport website.

Reaching Sardinia by Ferry

If you want to bring your car to Sardinia, then you might consider travelling by ferry. The port of Cagliari is served by the following ferry lines:

From Cagliari to School venue

Depending on your ​arrival time, you might be able to reach the school venue by public transportation. There is a bus that connects the Cagliari bus station in Piazza Matteotti with our Research Park (Route 134).  Use Google Maps' "Directions" feature to find routes and times.

A second alternative with public transport​ might be to take a bus from the Cagliari bus station in Piazza Matteotti to the town of Pula.  You'll then have to find a way to get to the hotel or the Park:  your hotel's shuttle (if one is available), the local public transporation, or a taxi (should be about €20).

The third (and most expensive) alternative is to book a taxi directly from the airport to your destination.  There are several companies that offer this service (e.g., Follesa, Sina, ​Radio Taxi 4 Mori).

Tourism: Pula and surroundings

The entire island of Sardinia, including the area of Pula, is covered with beautiful and interesting sites.  Take some time to enjoy them and relax; while you're at it, enjoy the good food and wine too. Here are a few places within the immediately surrounding area to get you started​.

View over Pula and Nora

The town of Pula enjoys an excellent position on the south-western coast of the Golfo degli Angeli. It is an important agricultural centre which doubles its population during the summer, thanks to the number of seaside holidaymakers…

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Ancient Roman theatre in Nora

You'll find the ancient city of Nora just a few km from Pula. The archeological site is a fascinating window on life at the time of the ancient Romans and the Phoenicians. Right next to the archeological site, you'll also find its  white,  sandy beach.  The pristine water is shallow and thus this beach is ideal for families with children.

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Cagliari - port and Castello

Cagliari, overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli, is a beautiful city with ancient roots. It is the heart of Sardinia’s political, economic, tourist and cultural life. The city boasts one of the longest city beaches in the Mediterranean, but also offers a myriad of cultural attractions, excellent food and nightlife.

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Chia is a seaside location just west of Pula. Here you'll find long beaches covered in fine lightly coloured sand:  Spiaggia Campana, Su Giudeu, Cala Cipolla. Admire the pink flamingos that spend their days in the pond which forms just behind the beach of Su Giudeu. The area also has a lively nightlife, as the "chioschi" on the beach fill with people and music.

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